Monday, May 27, 2013

Hair Mask using Coconut Oil

So here is the tragedy that was my hair. 
Last year I dyed my hair a red ombré. I did this process twice. The first time I bleached my hair it was fine. I dyed from my chin to the ends. My hair was a little dry but I was using the Redken All Soft hair care line and it kept my hair moisturized and soft. Approximately 3 months later, I decided to do the ombré again and kick the red up a notch to a bright firetruck red. Instead of just touching up the parts where the bleach needed to be added, I was really smart and used the strongest developer and bleached the bottom half of my hair again. The result was dismal. It looked okay but my hair would break to the touch. It was a sad occasion. 

That's me in California. YAY CALIFORNIA!

I got back and decided I needed to change my hair care routine and also just dye my hair brown and let it grow out naturally. Then I discovered coconut oil. I started out using coconut oil made specifically for hair. Then I bought the cooking coconut oil because it is (a) cheaper for the bigger container and (b) it is also more pure. The brand I use is the LouAna Pure Coconut Oil. 

I also have been using this Organic Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer to help my hair grow.

Here's the step-by-step process of how I treat my hair. This is to be done 30-40 minutes before you wash your hair or if you wash your hair in the morning you can leave it overnight for extra conditioning. My hair is really dry so if you have oily hair definitely wash it really well afterward. 

I put a quarter-size amount in my palm and then run it through my scalp. This is supposed to make your hair grow strong and fast. I have been using this for months and haven't noticed any quickness in growth compared to not using it but I have noticed a significant change in how strong and soft my hair has grown in. 

I use two tablespoons of coconut oil and put that in my hair. Coconut oil is solid at 75 degrees and liquid at 76. Once it touches your hands it will start melting. What I do is start at the ends and work my way up to the roots until the hair is saturated. 

If I want extra conditioning I pour a little bit of olive oil in my ends too. 

From here I have two options:

Leave for 30-40 minutes or overnight.

When I wash my hair, I make sure to wash it well. I use Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo, Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Shampoo, and Herbal Essences Hydralicious Reconditioning Conditioner in my hair. 

I have used Wen Haircare and various pH balanced shampoos and organic shampoos but I really like the Herbal Essences line and how it cleans deeply but conditions really well. Here is my hair now. As you can tell It looks a lot shinier and healthier. :) It is a lot thicker now as well. 

This is a really long post but I wanted to show you my hair care routine! Let me know if you try it and if it works for you!