Thursday, November 17, 2011

Washing Your Makeup Brushes :)

Hi everyone. I have been meaning to do this blog post for the longest time but this semester has been really crazy and I haven’t blogged since the summer. Anyway… here it is!
I learned this cleaning method from Michelle Phan on YouTube. These are the ingredients you’ll need:

Olive Oil
Antibacterial Dish Soap (I use Palmolive)
Baby Shampoo (optional)

Here are my dirty brushes

And... here is my soap concoction: pour olive oil, baby shampoo, and antibacterial dish soap in a plate.

Dip the brushes evenly in the soap/oil mixture and rub in your hand and you can either rinse them in lukewarm water immediately or wait like i do.

Here are the brushes after they've been rinsed. A clean brush is a happy brush. :)

Now... for drying... I leave my brushes drying overnight and there are only a couple that have to dry for longer, and those are the more synthetic ones. There are different methods for drying brushes.
In the picture above, the smaller brushes are just drying on a paper towel. 
The way I dry the big brushes is with my brush guards. You can buy them on their online store: 
They are weaved and stretch but keep the shape of the brush. When I dry them, I put them in a cup (shown below) and gravity pulls the water down and doesn't go back into the brushes' binding to the wooden/plastic body. I'm at a loss for words because I am sleepy so forgive me. 


Here's my kabuki brush (I lost it in Michigan last summer); it stands on its own in the brush guard. 

Here's the dry kabuki brush. The fibers are tight and compact but it fans out when I use it.

I hope this post was helpful. The only thing I did different than Michelle Phan was that I added the baby shampoo. A clean brush is a happy brush. Your face will be happy too. Clean your brushes at LEAST once a week if you wear makeup every day. I also wipe them daily with baby wipes in between washes because they have to dry overnight. 

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