Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 2

Day 2 - 165 lbs.

I have made my second batch of soup, and it is better than yesterday's soup. Much saltier, but better. I will put less salt tomorrow. I used the wrong kind of onion, as I may have mentioned before, but today I used the right kind and I still put like half of it in the blender. Today's soup. A+

I feel way better today than yesterday, and I have eaten some baby carrots.

Before I got out of bed I drank a pint of water. YUM. Hopefully water won't get old. lollz

So yesterday I ate another nectarine and a mango. I feel better today and tomorrow I can tell will be a good day.

Today I get to eat a baked potato with butter! :D YAY!


I am going to go work out in a little bit so I can burn some fat. I want to lose all 17 pounds, not just 5, or 10.

Okay, will keep you posted. :D

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