Monday, May 09, 2011


Hey everyone! Today is my first day of Insanity! I am posting about it to (hopefully) give me incentive to not stop. I started it while still at school but i had to stop because of papers and finals... BLEH. Now I have no excuse and I have no nasty Sodexo (school) food to inhibit my results.

The first day is a fit test, which goes like this: you do a few exercises at a high intensity level to see how much you can get in 1 minute. The different exercises go as follows, and my results are the numbers:

Switch Kicks, 76
Power Jacks, 37
Power Knees, 67
Power Jumps, 15
Globe Jumps, 8
Suicide Jumps, 8
Push-up Jacks, 22
Low Plank Oblique, 41

and yes... they are as scary as they sound! I'm exhausted but I feel like I could do more. I am excited about the next 40 days (I'll be leaving for Michigan in 40 days so I have to cut the program down to that). I want to lose 20-30 pounds. Hopefully I can do it.

For breakfast I ate a mango, a sweet potato (YUM) for lunch, and homemade Chicken Parmesan and whole wheat pasta for dinner. I decided that I don't like whole wheat/grain pasta. It's good for bread, but definitely not for pasta (in my opinion). It's a texture thing. Anyway, here is how I made the sweet potato (if you're interested).

I sliced it down the middle and put it in the microwave for 6 minutes, and then I let it cool for about 3 minutes. I took it out, put 1/2 tablespoon of butter (the real stuff not that processed fake junk) and a tablespoon of "natural" brown sugar (in the raw? - not name brand stuff).

The chicken parmesan was a little harder to make and I will (hopefully) post the recipe at another date, but it was DELICIOUS! (and I kind of made the recipe up)

Tomorrow I want to focus on drinking 3 bottles of water. I'm not talking about the regular ones. I'm talking about my big Camelbak bottle. I believe it is .75 liters. Anyway, I want to drink 3-4 of those.

Okay that's enough of me. Let me know if this is helpful! Thanks!

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