Friday, May 13, 2011

Insanity Day 4

This is yesterday's post. Blogger was down last night:

Today is day 4 of Insanity. I woke up super duper tired (but not sore) and thank goodness today was Cardio Recovery. It was basically a bunch of stretching and painful squatting. We did two miles again (we being my bro and I) but we walked them instead of jogged. I finally finished moving in and I mopped the floor! Ok… anyway… here are the meals because I’m really tired and am planning on going to sleep now:

Breakfast: brown sugar cinnamon oatmeal (homemade)

Lunch: Chocolate Cheerios

Snack: Plantain “fritters” don’t know what to call them; for those of you who know Spanish (specifically Dominican): TOSTONES!

Dinner: Pizza. I know I know… it’s so bad for you; but I was craving. Anywho. I’m hoping to do better tomorrow. I’m ready for bed.

No beauty tips today. I’m gonna do my nails tomorrow (hopefully); I’m thinking of using Finger Paints Tangerine Tint with China Glaze’s Crushed Candy Crackle Polish… Hmm…. complimentary colors… zzzz…. have a good night people!

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