Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Insanity Day 3

Today I walked one mile and ran another mile. I'm SO SORE!!!! I also did Cardio Power and Resistance in the Insanity Program. It was very difficult but I did it! Let me tell you... I was dripping sweat (literally... dripping from my face to the floor) at the end, and my shirt was soaked. It felt awesome! :D Unfortunately, my soft hair suffered because I did not fix it afterward. I have 37 days left to change my body.

The Cardio Power and Resistance video is difficult but not as plyometric (jumping) as the Plyometric Cardio Circuit (duh). I tend to like this one better because I have flat feet and they are in extreme pain after jumping for 30 minutes. I usually work out barefoot because of that. No shoe is comfortable for me and my feet. Well, I've only tried a few but I like working out barefoot.

On another note, I tried roasting a chicken today. Failed. It lo
oked so nice after 2 hours in the oven, but then I started cutting it and the middle was raw. I was so disappointed, so I turned it around (even though it was so
beautiful) and cooked it. I blame it on the fact that I didn't
have a rack to cook it on and just put it in the pan. Anyway, this is what it looked like:
Awesome, right? NOT. The most important thing was that the breast was not dry, which I succeeded. So I'm happy with that. Anyway... This is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Banana
Lunch: 2 Waffles
Snack: Sweet Potato
Dinner: White Rice, Roasted Chicken, and a little bit of ice cream for dessert.

Hope this was helpful! I'll keep you updated with the workouts!

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